Twitter-located Research Journal: A job posting

To become part of the WPA community officially, I must obviously find a WPA position. On Twitter, I found a job posting for a first year writing director, a WPA who overlooks courses similar to ENG1000c. I thought that this would be a good piece for me to review because it would tell me what it takes to get hired as WPA, how the field defines an effective WPA, and some of the things I will need to take on the job search.

This particular job posting is for an assistant professor in Composition & Rhetoric at Eastern Michigan State University. The school is looking for someone committed to both teaching and research. They believe it would be an added advantage if the candidate had expertise in online or technical writing, as well as public writing, professional writing, or cultural rhetoric. For me, this is wonderful news because it basically captures all of my fields of study.

There are several reasons I can tell this is a credible source. For one, the job is posted to the WPA-L, the Council of Writing Program Administrator’s listserv, hosted by Arizona State University. I can also tell this posting is credible because of the detail that the professor, who is later named as Writing Program Coordinator in his contact information, has put into describing the ideal candidate. There is also a brief description of the school and the English department, which shows me that this comes from someone who is serious about finding someone who will do good work and fit in with the school’s ideological structure.

For my project, this research is useful because it helps me to further clarify the definition of a WPA. It also tells me what is up-and-coming as the most desirable specializations in the field. 



Krause, Steve. “Re: Writing Program Administration: Still Considering Applications for EMU Assistant Professor in Comp/Rhet and Associate Director of First Year Writing.” WPA-L Archives 6.0. Council of Writing Program Administrators, 6 March 2012. Web. 10 Mar. 2012.;257be4e3.1203


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